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Johnson City
Civil / structural
Beeson, Lusk & Street
Seeking first term
“I’m a concerned citizen trying to make a difference,” Tester said. “If I get in there, I would make myself available to the citizens and try to make the best decisions we can for Washington County.”
1. What are two specific goals you will work toward?
“Addressing insurance benefits and the size of the commission. I’ve talked to a lot of voters, and those two things in particular seem to be the big issues. I’m not planning to take the insurance, and I would vote to eliminate it. I think a smaller commission would be simpler and more cost effective. Commissioners also could be held more accountable.”
2. What will you do to help unite commissioners?
“I think all of us need to approach the position unselfishly and with no personal agendas. It’s a public service position, and that’s the way I would approach it. If everyone did that, it would make a world of difference. If we’re all working toward the same goal, I don’t understand all the turmoil.”