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Ferguson hosts event for supporters

Doyle Cloyd and his great-niece, Camie Cloyd, take some time to enjoy the refreshments at Mark Ferguson’s ‘meet and greet’ Friday, where Ferguson was on hand to talk with his supporters.


Staff Writer

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Friday afternoon, Washington County Mayoral Candidate Mark Ferguson’s supporters gathered together at the Jonesborough Visitors center for a “meet and greet”.

The Republican candidate greeted guests and made his way around the room during what Ferguson called a “social” from 5 to 7 p.m. For Ferguson, the event served as a way to reach Washington County citizens and spend time with voters.

“I’d love to talk to everyone in the county, but the county’s too big. I can’t get to them,” Ferguson said. “I’ve asked people to send me emails. I’ve asked them to send me the questions they’ve got.”

The three-hour event, which was catered by the Telford Diner, was attended by a group of folks in support of Ferguson’s campaign including elected county officials such as Washington County Board of Education member Annette Buchanan, who represents the First District, Washington County Commissioner Mike Ford, who is running for reelection in District 15, and Steve Light, who is running for reelection in District 1.

For one supporter and the campaign’s treasurer, Doyle Cloyd, who is also a former county clerk and commissioner, Ferguson stands for a lower-tax platform that he feels is needed in the county.

“He is a country boy who wants to make sure that our taxes stay as low as they can for the citizens of Washington County,” Cloyd said. “We need someone in there that knows county business and he does know county business.”

As for Ferguson, the event was the ideal way to concentrate on citizens and share his campaign’s platform.

“Special interests have controlled this county long enough,” Ferguson said. “And I want to be a people person. If I’m going to spend tax payer money, I want to spend it to help the people of this county. We’ve got needs in this county. And like I said before, we’ve got money for anything our heart’s in. But our heart’s just not in the average citizen for this county. Mine is.”