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Family still searching for lost Chihuahua

“Spudz” was last seen on Route 34.


If you’re out and about near Davy Crockett Road, keep watch for a dog that has recently gone missing in the area.

“Spudz” or “Spudderz” is a 1-year-old female Chihuahua that was last seen on Old State Route 34 on June 25. She is brindle and has a white stripe down her nose.

“She’s a bit shy,” owner Trinity Nance said. “She does bark, but she isn’t mean or aggressive. So if someone picked her up, she’s really calm and collected. She’s cautious but friendly.”

Nance also said the dog will respond to certain words if found.

“Certain things that you say, she’ll respond to like her name or if you say ‘puppy pops’,” Nance said, “because thats what we say when we give them treats and they get excited.

“What we’re hoping for is that someone picked her up. We miss her so much.”

In the meantime, fliers have been posted throughout town in hopes that what they feel like is a missing part of their family will be found.

“It’s a family dog,” Nance said. “It definitely feels like we’ve lost a member of the family.”

If found, please call (423) 552-7741 or (423) 552-0296.