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Election Commission makes plans for Washington County’s primary

Members of the Washington County Election Commission met Feb. 27 to certify candidates for the May 6 Republican Primary and decide on the sites and hours for voting.
With the exception of the last-minute withdrawal by Trustee Jack Daniels, all candidates who filed petitions for the primary were certified. Polling hours will be the traditional 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6.
Early voting will be held from Wednesday, April 16, through Thursday, May 1. Hours will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Machines will be closed on Good Friday, April 18.
Commissioners considered whether an early voting site in Gray is needed, and Chairwoman Janet Willis said a third site would work well with so many candidates running for county commissioner spots.
The three early voting sites will be the Washington County-Johnson City Health Department, the Washington County Courthouse in downtown Jonesborough and the Gray Fire Station.
Willis said the concern regarding so many events happening around schools led Commissioner Jon Ruetz to take it upon himself to speak with Director of Schools Ron Dykes and Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal.
“I feel confident at this point that there will be a resolution on (using) school sites that is mutually agreeable,” Ruetz said, adding the WCSO will be enthusiastic in providing support.
Ruetz said he thinks a hopeful resolution is that eventually schools would not be in session on Election Day.
Until then, he said, “Dykes has assured us of his eager cooperation and that of the school board to use the facilities.”
List of candidates certified for the May 6 ballot:

Dan Eldridge
Michael P. Rutherford

Pamela Fitzgerald
Michael Hartman

Circuit Court Clerk
Karen Guinn
Susan Mitchell

General Sessions Judge
Part 1
Robert Lincoln

General Sessions Judge Part 2
James Arthur Nidiffer

General Sessions Judge
Part 3
Don Arnold
Russell Kloosterman
William “Will” Monk

Criminal Court Judge
Part 1
Lisa Nidiffer Rice
Dennis Brooks

Criminal Court Judge
Part 2
Stacy L. Street

District Attorney
1st Judicial District
Tony Clark
Jerome Cochran

Public Defender
Jeff Kelly

Circuit Court Judge
Part 1
Thomas Seeley

Circuit Court Judge
Part 2
Jean Stanley

John C. Rambo

Register of Deeds
Ginger B. Jilton

Craig Ford
Ed Graybeal

County Clerk
Sheila Haren
Kathy Storey

First District
County Commission
Doyle Cloyd
Greg Matherly
Rick Storey
Lee Sowers
Pete Speropulos

Second District
County Commission
George “Skip” Oldham

Third District
County Commission
Alpha Bridger
Mitch Meredith
Joe Wise

Fourth District
County Commission
Lee Chase
Jesse Overbey
David Tomita

Fifth District
County Commission
Ron England
Gary McAllister
Robbie Tester
Jimmy Zukas

Sixth District
County Commission
Mark Ferguson
Tom Foster
Joe Grandy
Tom Krieger
Gearld Sparks

Seventh District
County Commission
Bryan Davenport
Mike “Boots” Ford
Mark Larkey
Roger D. Nave

Eighth District
County Commission
Brad Baines
Matthew Morris

Ninth District
County Commission
Todd Hensley
David Shanks

Tenth District
County Commission
Forrest Boreing