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Seeking third term
“There are a lot of first-time candidates running, and that’s all good and well,” said Haren who served two terms on the commission from 1998-2006. “But do they know the office holders, how government operates and why the departments need money? Everybody says they want better schools and roads, but I would like to see more money going in the classroom.”
1. What are the priorities of a county commissioner?
“Being a commissioner covers a lot of bases, from service in the community to dealing with the budget to voting for the concerns of the residents. This misunderstanding between the commission and the mayor has to be resolved. County government is supposed to pull together, but they have been pulling apart.”
2. How will you prepare for committee meetings and meetings of the full commission?
“The first place is the agenda. If you know where everybody is coming from, it goes a lot smoother in the meetings. I don’t know how the agenda got that large, but you can’t hear in the meetings and there needs to be some sort of summary. I’ve been going to the meetings since I was defeated in 2006, so this is not second-hand information. A lot of the candidates have never been to a commission meeting.”