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Retired from Holston Defense
Seeking first term
“I’m from the old school, and I would like to sit down and meet with the people so they can tell us how they would like us to vote,” Robbins said. “I’m also against higher taxes and benefits for commissioners. If elected, I will not be applying for insurance or retirement. I think this is double dipping and a cost to the taxpayers. I also think there are too many commissioners, and 11 or 12 would be enough. I want to work for the people.”
1. What are the priorities of a county commissioner?
“The number one priority is to serve the people in the area you were elected to represent. We need to listen to the voice of the people, and I will be working for the people who voted for me.”
2. How will you prepare for committee meetings and meetings of the full commission?
“I would sit down with the agenda beforehand. Then we need to go into the meeting with dignity and respect for one another so we can communicate and resolve the questions. The commission also has too many committees, and I think three or four would be plenty.