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Three phase meterman,
Johnson City Power Board
Seeking third term
“Over the last eight years, I’ve served on various committees, and I have a good knowledge of what’s going on in the county,” Bowman said.
“Education will always be important to me because the children who are in school now will one day be the backbone and the leaders of our county.
“I’ve also worked diligently to provide water to all areas of Washington County, and we’re making headway through a number of different projects.
“In a day when we can send someone to the moon, it’s sad to tell people they can’t have a clean drink of water. It breaks my heart.”
1. What are the priorities of a county commissioner?
“The people of my community come first. I don’t do this for personal gain. I do it strictly to help the citizens in any way I can.
“It doesn’t matter if they’re not in my district – they’re still residents of Washington County, and I do my dead-level best to see that they’re served.”
2. How will you prepare for committee meetings and meetings of the full commission?
“I always read the agenda packet and listen to what the citizens of the community would like, and what they want me to do.
“I also keep up with what is going on in the community and the county.”