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Early Voting starts this week in Washington County


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It’s voting time in Tennessee. And with early voting running from Friday, July 13, through Saturday, July 28, Washington County citizens have quite a few choices to make.

Voters will have the chance to choose six Washington County Board of Education members — three from District 1 and three from District 3.

In District 1, incumbent school board members Annette Buchanan and Keith Ervin will vie for reelection while Jason Day and Kerrie Aistrop will seek election for a spot on the board. In District 3, incumbent school board member David Hammond will seek reelection while Donald Feathers, Chad Fleenor, Trevor Knight and Mitch Meredith will run for a District 3 seat.

Voters will also have a list of commissioners to choose between.

While eight of the 15 districts’ candidates are running unopposed, incumbents such as Steven Light, Danny Edens, Larry England, and Suzy Williams will run against a candidate for reelection while newcomers such as Tracy Hicks, Jerome Fitzgerald, Isaac Moore, Brandon Bates, P.C. Snap, Freddie Malone, Pat Collins, Dennis Prater, Jim Wheeler and Ralph Van Brocklin will run for a spot on the commission.

As for the county mayor’s race, voters will chose between Republican candidate Joe Grandy or Independent candidate James Reeves.

Other categories include county trustee, sheriff, circuit court clerk, county clerk, register of deeds and juvenile court judge, which all contain unopposed candidates.

But the election doesn’t just concern local politics; the general election will also decide the next governor, senate, Tennessee House of Representatives for District 3 and District 6, a State Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman for District 3 and an attorney general for District 1.

Early voting will be held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Any absentee ballot request forms must be in the Washington County Election Commission Office by Thursday, July 26. For more information, visit


The following candidates will be listed on the Aug. 2 Washington County General Election ballot:

Washington County Mayor:

• Joe Grandy, Republican

• James Reeves, Independent

Commission District 1:

• Steve Light

• Tracy Hicks

Commission District 2:

• Kent Harris

Commission District 3:

• Jerome Fitzgerald

• Isaac Moore

Commission District 4:

• Danny Edens

• Brandon Bates

Commission District 5:

• Bryan Davenport

Commission District 6:

• Greg Matherly

Commission District 7:

• Larry England

• P.C. Snapp

Commission District 8:

• Freddie Malone

• Pat Collins

Commission District 9:

• Suzy Williams

• Dennis Prater

Commission District 10:

• Phil Carriger

Commission District 11:

• Jodie Jones

Commission District 12:

• Robbie Tester

Commission District 13:

• Gary McAllister

Commission District 14:

• Jim Wheeler

• Ralph Van Brocklin

Commission District 15:

• Mike Ford

County Trustee:

• Rick Storey


• Ed Graybeal

Circuit Court Clerk:

• Brenda Downes

County Clerk:

• Kathy Storey

Register of Deeds:

• Teresa Bowman

School Board District 1:

• Kerrie Aistrop

• Annette Buchanan

• Jason Day

• Keith Ervin

School Board District 3:

• Donald Feathers

• Chad Fleenor

• David Hammond

• Trevor Knight

• Mitch Meredith

Washington County Mayor:

• Joe Grandy

• James Reeves

Juvenile Court Judge:

• Sharon Green


• Diane Black

• Randy Boyd

• Beth Harwell

• Bill Lee

• Basil Marceaux, Sr.

• Kay White

• Karl Dean

• Craig Fitzhugh

• Mezianna Vale Payne

United States Senate:

• Marsha Blackburn

• Aaron L. Pettigrew

• Phil Bredesen

• Gary Davis

• John Wolfe

United States House of  Representatives District 1:

• Mickie Lou Banyas

• James Brooks

• Todd A McKinley

• Phil Roe

• Marty Olsen

Tennessee Senate District 3:

• Rusty Crowe

Tennessee House of Representatives District 6:

• Steve Darden

• Micah Van Huss

Tennessee house of Representatives District 7:

• Matthew Hill

• Nathan Farnor

State Executive Committeeman District 3:

• Todd Fowler

State Executive Committeewoman District 3:

• Sharon Fletcher Boreing

• Anita Hodges Taylor

• Betty Ziesel

• Debbie McClaskey

District Attorney General District 1:

• Kenneth Baldwin