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Downtown alleyways to get new look

Alleyways in downtown Jonesborough will likely be getting a facelift soon.
Members of the town’s Tree and Townscape Board discussed the alleyways during their January meeting.
As sidewalks get replaced along Main Street, leaders are trying to decide how to handle the driveways and alleyways along the same stretch of road.
Currently, the alleys and driveways feature Indiana limestone.
“We’ve got to get the Indiana limestone out,” Browning said. “It’s a trip hazard and it’s not doing anything.”
The town wants to make improvements soon to coincide with the Johnson City Power Board’s work to replace its main power line downtown.
As the JCPB replaces its line underground, town employees will replace the sidewalks and alleyways.
“We’re going to be taking it up,” Browning explained, “so, we need to know what to come back with to replace it.”
Tree and Townscape members voted to replace the limestone with bricks so that they will look unified with the sidewalks.
“As long as these things are wheelchair accessible and you’re not going to trip over them, then I’m happy with brick,” said Tree and Townscape member Mike Folan.
Alderman Terry Countermine, also a member of the Tree and Townscape Board, said he supported the brick plan, but wanted to be sure pedestrians were able to recognize that the alleyways were not at the same level as the sidewalks.
“When you are walking, you want to see that you are going onto uneven ground,” Countermine said. “I’m just worried because we have an aging and older group that comes to visit and lives here in Jonesborough. You don’t want anybody falling.”