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District 3: Mike Masters

Expanding the curriculum would be his priority if elected to the school board, Mike Masters said.
“We need to have a curriculum that prepares students for the workforce if they choose not to go to college,” he said. “When I went to Daniel Boone, we had welding and auto mechanics.”
While Masters complimented the current technical programs both high schools offer, he said more needs to be available to prepare students for a direct move into the job market following graduation.
Seeking his first term, Masters said he would be an asset to the Board of Education. “People have asked me why I’m running when I have no kids in the system, but that is the reason,” he said. “If my kids went to Daniel Boone, human nature tells you I might want to do more for Boone.”
Masters said his wife and three children also are products of the Washington County system. “I want to give back and help all of the schools on an even basis,” he said.
According to Masters, school security in the system has increased over the last three to four years, but there is room for improvement. “It’s a scary time in the world right now.”
An affiliate broker with Green Commercial Realty in Johnson City, Masters said his job provides a flexible schedule that would allow him to put in the hours needed to serve District 3 on the school board.
“I’m open-minded and I would have an open-door policy,” he said. “I plan on attending as many school events as I can, and hopefully people will have my cell number.”
A lack of communication is at the heart of the struggles between the Board of Education and the county commission, in Masters’ opinion. “I think the commissioners and mayor are fair and there to help the schools, but everything is so fast-paced.”
In addition to improved communication, Masters said some wasteful spending by the school board needs to be addressed. “You can’t just go out and buy the first thing you see,” he noted.
Having been involved at the high school level for the last 10 years as a parent, Masters believes he could make a difference as a member of the school board. “I think I can make some change and bring things to light,” he said.