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District 3: David Hammond

If elected for a second term, David Hammond will continue to ask questions and look into issues on his own time. “I represent the people and work for the people, and put the children first,” he said.
According to Hammond, the school system will be facing a lot of challenges during the next four years, and he wants to be the voice of the parents.
“In general, the school system faces unfunded mandates. As parents, we have to get the kids adjusted to the learning style of the new core curriculum,” he said. “We also have a lot of facilities concerns, especially at the Boones Creek schools.”
Having two children in the system provides more of a connection with what is going on in the schools, he said. “I also feel like people are more comfortable approaching me at ballgames and other school events.”
Hammond stays in touch with the constituents of the 3rd District through a variety of methods. “I receive a lot of messages on my Facebook, and I’ve had people come to my home,” he said. “I’m also proud to say I have returned every phone call and followed up on every issue, even if it wasn’t the answer the person wanted.”
While Hammond said vast improvements have been made in system security during the last two years through equipment upgrades and the hiring of additional school resource officers, he believes the board needs to continue to consider other avenues as they become available.
“It’s a different day than it was 30 years ago when I was in school, and parents have to know their kids are safe,” he said. In fact, Hammond would like to see more parental input on all areas of the school system.
Regarding financial decisions, Hammond says his goal is to manage the budget with the least cuts to the classroom. “I think the county commission has sought more accountability, and we have always extended an invitation to come to our budget workshops,” he said.
The new commissioners coming on board also must be welcomed in the discussions, according to Hammond. “I’m not one who worries about questions,” he said. “I don’t have anything to hide and neither does the school board.”
Hammond and his wife own commercial rental property, in addition to his being a jeweler.
“l’ve been 100 percent responsive to the needs of the voters, and I think they know my heart is for the kids,” he gave as reasons for his re-election.