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District 1: Chad Williams

After two terms on the Board of Education, Chad Williams believes he still has something to offer. “I’ve enjoyed being part of the system and its growth, and I think my experience will be helpful in (implementing) the facilities plan,” he said.
As a school board member, Williams said he monitors the system’s finances on a monthly basis. “I look to see if any expenses are out of the ordinary, and we’re very careful in the bid process,” he said. “It is the taxpayer’s dollar, and there are not a lot of them, but we also need to get quality for the students, not just the lowest price.”
Williams said the relationship with county commissioners is okay right now. “Those two bodies are constantly changing, and we have to educate them on the issues we face,” he said. “(Commissioners) also have a full plate, and we need to try to be respectful.”
The biggest challenge is always the budget, according to Williams. “Specific funds from the state and federal governments are going away, and we’re trying to replace them with local dollars.”
Williams said the system’s facilities are as secure now as they’ve ever been. “When you’re dealing with as many different buildings and scenarios as you are in today’s culture, it’s something you monitor a lot closer than you did 15 years ago,” he said. “The assessments we did within the last year are making the schools safer, and that’s a good thing for the system.”
He also is proud of the way the teachers have stepped up to meet the requirements of the new curriculum. “When the curriculum changed, we expected a dip in the test scores, but we’ve seen great gains overall instead.”
A salesman for West Hills Tractor, Williams has served on the BOE during the years his two daughters, who were graduated from David Crockett High School in May, were students. “For me personally, it was helpful because it made me more aware of the day-to-day operations and allowed me to build relationships with teachers and parents I may not otherwise have had the opportunity to,” he said. “On the flip side, I may now have more time to go back to the elementary level.”
Williams said it has been an honor for him to serve on the BOE and he has gotten to know a lot of wonderful people. “I feel like I’ve proven myself in the last eight years as an advocate of the school system, and I will do everything I can to learn from them and do what’s best for the kids,” he said.