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Dawn gone from Daily Bread

Jonesborough’s newest restaurant has been open less than two months, but Daily Bread on West Jackson Boulevard is already on its third general manager.
Area resident Bryce Demaree took over the role last week, replacing Todd Dawn, who served as owner and chef of Bistro 105 in downtown Jonesborough prior to joining the team at Daily Bread.
Shinn originally said Dawn would continue to operate Bistro 105 despite his role at Daily Bread. But when Daily Bread opened, the doors closed at Bistro 105.
In December 2011, Dawn stood alongside Daily Bread owners George and Denise Shinn during a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony.
The Shinns hired Dawn as the restaurant’s general manager in October after first naming local resident Jayson Oaks to the position. Oaks used to own the former Pansy’s Pantry restaurant, which occupied the same building where Daily Bread is now located. A week after Oaks was announced as the restaurant’s general manager, Dawn had already taken over the job.
Despite titles and appearances suggesting otherwise, Dawn said he signed on at Daily Bread only as a consultant.
His departure, Dawn said, was only because his work had been completed with the restaurant.
“George and I sat down and decided it was time to go our separate ways there,” Dawn said when contacted by the Herald & Tribune. “We’re doing another venture now. George and I are discussing plans for a food truck.”
Dawn started thinking about opening a food truck in 2009 when the Food Network brought its Great Food Truck Race show to Jonesborough.
“These are state-of-the-art kitchens. They have basically the same kitchen as I had at the Bistro,” Dawn said. “We’re going to go, pretty much, first class – new equipment, a new truck.” Dawn said he plans to serve “Bistro-type” food from the mobile restaurant, which he will operate locally for the most part. However, he said he would also travel with the truck for festivals and other events.
“I started talking with George about this six months ago,” Dawn said, noting he is unsure at this point whether Shinn will be a partner in the food truck or simply finance the project. “George and I are talking daily. I’m putting together a business plan to present to him.”
As for Dawn’s former downtown dinner hotspot, a contract is in the works with a chef who plans to take over where Dawn left off at the Bistro.
“They plan to do basically the same thing – beer, wine and I think liquor as well, and they’re going to do the same type of food,” Dawn said of the new owners. “They are keeping the name, too.”
Dawn said he had hoped not to have to close the doors of the Bistro when he went to Daily Bread, but the new owner’s financing ended up taking longer than expected.
“I guess it looks bad on the Bistro,” Dawn said, “but I see a bright future for the restaurant.”
Meanwhile, Daily Bread’s newest general manager is excited about what the future may hold for that restaurant, too.
“It’s almost like a relaunch, but it’s not,” Demaree said. “The community wanted the change. That’s the feedback the owners were getting.”
The menu has been downsized, prices lowered and instead of offering just breakfast and lunch, on Feb. 3, Daily Bread will begin serving dinner as well.
“And lunch is going to be a little more fast-paced,” Demaree added. “I want it to be more known as a quick, grab-and-go kind of place for lunch.”
Demaree said he is looking to the public for help in creating the restaurant’s evolving menu.
“My staff is going to make up 25 percent of the menu and my new kitchen manager is going to make up another 25 percent,” he said. “Then I’d like the public to help us make up the remaining 50 percent. We’re going to go out walking the streets and offering a formal suggestion sheet.”
Demaree, a Kansas native, has lived in the area for six years. He attended culinary school in Baltimore, Md., and said he has been in and out of the restaurant business for 20 years.
He said he is excited to work with the Shinns to make Daily Bread a successful restaurant.
“My kitchen is alive. They’re buzzing because they know it’s open range to create right now,” he said. “And George and Denise Shinn are finally getting what they want.”