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Crockett student arrested for pill distribution, others suspended

An 18-year-old student at David Crockett High School was arrested last week after police say she distributed drugs to several students at the school.
Five other students were suspended and are facing disciplinary hearings for their alleged involvement in the incident.
Britney N. Yoakley, 689 Stage Coach Road, was charged with possession of Schedule IV drugs for resale on Jan. 20, after school administrators alerted Crockett’s school resource officer to the possibility that Yoakley had brought narcotics onto campus and was distributing them to other students.
Yoakley was brought to the school’s main office, where authorities say they found her in possession of 74 Alaprazolam tablets, commonly known as Xanax. The prescription drug is typically used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.
According to police, Yoakley gave the drug to eight different students before she was caught. Of those, four seniors and a sophomore have been suspended and are awaiting disciplinary hearings to determine their punishments, said Assistant Director of Schools James Murphy.
In order to suspend students in cases of drug allegations, Murphy said the school system must satisfy one of three stipulations: the contraband was found on the student, a staff member observed the student with drugs or the student confessed to having drugs.
All students to whom Yoakley allegedly gave Xanax were located and checked by medical personnel following the incident, authorities said.
According to Director of Schools Ron Dykes, at least one of the students had taken the drug by the time authorities learned of the situation. Authorities believe a handful of the kids had taken the pills by the time they were checked by medical staff.
Parents of those students involved were notified and met with police to assist with the investigation.
Authorities believe Yoakley got the pills from the medicine cabinet at her home where there were several old prescriptions belonging to Yoakley’s mother.
“Every once in a while, when a school system is policing their schools like they ought to, they’re going to find prescription pills that kids manage to get out of a medicine cabinet or somewhere like that,” Murphy said. “The Washington County school system addresses every situation we find, no matter how big or small. We want our children to be in an environment that is pill free.”
Yoakley, who was brought to the Washington County Detention Center and held on a $50,000 bond, was scheduled to make a court appearance late last week.
The five suspended students were scheduled to have disciplinary hearings within 10 days of their suspension.