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Crockett senior looks back on final year

(Editor’s Note: Below is an article from Student Board Member Natalie McBride. Natalie is a David Crockett High School senior who, along with three other Washington County seniors, has represented her school as a student board member with the Washington County Board of Education this school year. The Herald & Tribune will continue to highlight a column from each student board member in future editions. Watch for our monthly Student Voices page for more!)


David Crockett High School 

During high school, I have been involved in marching band, concert band, FRC Robotics, and Tusculum University Upward Bound. I have also been selected for several leadership positions such as first chair flute/flute captain, student representative and mentor for Upward Bound, student representative school board member, and business and media lead in robotics. These amazing opportunities have allowed me to grow both academically and personally. 

Being a student representative of the school board has opened many doors for me; I would recommend the experience to anyone who wishes to learn more about professionalism, leadership, and/or the school system. Dr. Flanary and all of the board members have been very kind, helpful, and welcoming during my time as a student representative. Additionally, I have learned so much about the inner workings of our school system, which is a lot more interesting and complex than it seems. I have become more understanding of how items/issues are presented and passed through the board, how the members discuss projects and the overall role of a member. Altogether, this continual learning experience that I am extremely grateful for has truly opened my eyes and I suggest anyone and everyone apply for this wonderful opportunity.

Marching and concert band has been extremely fun and valuable for me throughout my high school career. I have made multiple friends and countless memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life because of my involvement with the band. Josh Ogle, the amazing and knowledgeable band director at Crockett, has pushed my peers and me to truly do our best and work as a team, not as individuals. Band is hard work, there is no lying or sugar-coating it; it is not and will not be easy all of the time, or even most of the time. However, it is highly rewarding to finish that show or concert and know that you and your band sounded amazing and did more than just play an instrument, you made music. If you are wanting to truly know what hard work means, make friends, make memories, fit in somewhere, make music, or learn how to work in a team, band is for you. It is extremely rewarding and will teach anyone life skills that will show useful in college and a career.

One of my most cultivating experiences in these four years would have to be Tusculum University Upward Bound. There I have learned a lot about college, STEM, career paths, and the importance of community. Counselors through the organization have always pushed me and others to succeed and I owe a lot of my drive and success to them. I have been able to travel to New York, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, and numerous other places through UB and the trips have given me experiences that I would not be able to have otherwise. I have had the opportunity to get over 90 hours of community service through UB which has improved our community and will grant me additional college scholarships. Additionally, the friendships I have made through this experience will be everlasting; overall, the program has hundreds of very amazing, down-to-earth people. Upward Bound has helped me prepare for my future college experience through college visits, preview college courses, and summer classes/summer phase which is designed to emulate a college experience. This program has made me more sociable, more adaptable, more driven and more hopeful of my future.

My senior year, my final year at David Crockett High School, is coming to an end in less than one month. Although certain parts of high school were not ideal or easy, especially during COVID-19, I would not give up the memories and experiences for the world. 

Through the help of amazing, resourceful and knowledgeable teachers, I am graduating with a GPA higher than a 4.0, college credit, top 10% of my class, and I plan on attending a university for environmental science in the fall. I am so grateful for every mentor that has aided me on this path of success.