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Crockett principal on mission to create ‘one solid community’

David Crockett High School Principal Andy Hare is passionate about his school — and he’s not afraid to show it.
Hare attended the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Feb. 11 to encourage town leaders and Jonesborough residents to get involved with a new initiative he is heading up in Washington County.
“We’re wanting to remove every excuse that prevents our children from succeeding,” Hare said. “And it starts with things like this.”
Dubbed the “Pioneer K-12 Connection,” Hare is leading a group of individuals within the school system on a mission to strengthen the relationships between Crockett and its five feeder schools — Jonesborough Middle School, Grandview School, Lamar School, South Central School and West View School.
“All five of those schools coming together is a powerful thing and that is what we are trying to produce ­— one solid community,” Hare said.
As part of that goal, Hare is on a “blitz,” making appearances at a variety of events and meetings in search of community leaders and town residents willing to get involved with Crockett and its feeder schools.
“I became the principal at Crockett last year,” Hare said. “I had been at Crockett before that and then I took what I call a ‘sabbatical.’ I became a teacher and coach at Dobyns-Bennett (High School), what everybody considers ‘the kingdom in Kingsport.’”
What Hare realized during his time away, he said, is that the students at Crockett are just as worthy of a quality education as those attending Dobyns-Bennett.
“Our kids work just as hard and deserve just as much,” Hare said. “What I see every day, the product of the children we get to work with every day, just amazes me.”
In his passionate plea to create a stronger partnership between the school and the Jonesborough community, Hare invited the entire town and all of its residents to become part of the Pioneer Parents and Partners. The organization actively involves parents and community members in promoting school pride and support.
After hearing from Hare, who admitted his inspired speaking techniques come at least in part from being Baptist, Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe couldn’t help but pledge his support.
“I think we’ve got a great opportunity for a growing partnership with our local high school. I’m going to work with you to find ways for DCHS to play an even more important role in town,” said Wolfe, a Crockett alumnus. “We want everybody to know we’re proud of our school and we hope our school is proud of its town.”
Hare is also visiting each of the feeder schools this month to strengthen Crockett’s partnerships with those facilities. At the meetings, he is discussing ways for parents and community members to be more connected, explaining curricular requirements, talking about what the high school has to offer and more.
More than 60 people attended the first such event, held Feb. 5 at Jonesborough Middle School. Several others have been held this month, with the latest scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at South Central School.