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County unveils new website

Washington County got a new mayor late last year for the first time in 24 years. Now, the county is getting a new website as well.
“There were some things we wanted to be able to do with our website that we couldn’t do with the old one,” said Jeff Keeling, communications director for the county. “I hope that the new one will be easier for people to keep up with when things are happening and where, as well has what has been happening in Washington County.”
Late last fall, Keeling teamed up with the East Tennessee State University computer science departments Emerging Technology Center to create the new site. Since then, leaders have been working to get the site ready to unveil to the public.
“We went live on (April 25) at about 4:50 p.m. It’s about 97 percent finished,” Keeling said. “This site is very user friendly and much more complete than our old one.”
Keeling said he hopes the new site will serve three main goals — to better inform people of the goings on of local government, to update people of news as it happens in the county and to promote the good things going on in Washington County.
“And it’s not just about things the government is doing,” Keeling added. “It’s about all of Washington County.”
The new site also boasts a new mantra for Washington County, calling it “the birthplace of Tennessee.”
The website cost the county approximately $3,500 to create. However, according to Keeling, the site will not require a monthly fee like the former site.
“We’ll be paying $80 a month less now, or $960 a year, which means our return investment time is 45 months,” Keeling said. “After 45 months, we have recouped our money completely and we’re coming out ahead, while at the same time having what I certainly hope is a better website.”
To view the new website go to