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County to borrow $10M as planned

Following months of meetings and debate, county commissioners approved the third piece of the $10 million debt offering during a called session last week.
The largest items on the list of capital projects valued at almost $6 million include renovations to the downtown courthouse and the office building that will serve as home for the first county archive; a new operating system for county offices; replacement of the current asphalt plant; and almost $1 million for school security improvements.
Two resolutions providing more than $4 million additional dollars to the schools were passed during the July meeting. Approximately $1.4 million in general obligation school bonds will be issued for the purchase of school buses, while almost $2.9 million in rural school bonds will provide funds for facilities improvements.
The 22-3 vote of approval was somewhat of a surprise since several commissioners have been against both borrowing and using the fund balance to meet the county’s needs, but offered no other ideas for consideration.
Other commissioners have objected to some of the proposed projects, saying they are wants more than real needs. A suggestion to review the line items one at a time for group input has been made repeatedly, but the motion to do that during the July meeting failed and commissioners returned it to the Budget Committee for the third time.
When the list came back with no changes to the August meeting, leaders had a change of heart.
After a motion to approve the resolution as presented was made by Commissioner Lee Chase and seconded by Commissioner Mark Larkey, the question was called by Commissioner Joe Grandy.
Commissioner Mark Ferguson then made a motion for an amendment to review the proposed capital projects for separate votes. The motion passed 13-11.
The almost even split led to a two-hour voting session that ended with all items being approved as presented.
Commissioner Pete Speropulos made a motion to approve the resolution, which was seconded by Grandy. The motion passed with Commissioners Sam Humphreys, Phyllis Corso and David Shanks opposed.
Several different departmental funds have been designated to provide portions of the payments for the debt service on the borrowed funds.