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County farm neighbors decline ownership offer

Members of the Association of Property Owners Bordering the County Farm have a lot of requirements for the property but are interested in none of the responsibility.
During last week’s meeting of the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Committee, Commissioner David Tomita reported the group’s quick refusal of an idea to formalize an arrangement that would give or rent the portion in the far left-hand corner of the farm near the wooded area and the walking trail to the neighborhood association.
“They are not interested in ownership in any way, shape or form,” Tomita said, referring to a telephone call with Tess Lloyd. As co-chair of the association, Lloyd agreed during the March meeting to discuss the option with fellow homeowners.
Her husband, Dan Kleeman, was present at the April 13 meeting. “The group wants to maintain the whole farm as green space and have Washington County manage it,” he said, noting that was the job of the county.
Prior proposals to use the property for a veterans home and a community garden drew objections from neighbors and led to the association’s founding. Members attended the February meeting of the CIA Committee with a recommendation to develop the farm for use as a low-impact park.
An initial title search of the Washington County Greenfield Farm indicates no restrictions on selling the property, though Tomita said it’s a valuable asset and more ideas can be considered. “There is no rush for a decision,” he said.