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County begins search for staff attorney

Applications are now being accepted for a Washington County staff attorney.
Members of the Legal Services Oversight Committee approved the job description during their April 7 meeting, and advertising began over the weekend.
The full-time position will report to Mayor Dan Eldridge, with oversight and direction provided by County Attorney Tom Seeley.
Committee Chair Tom Krieger asked if the staff attorney would be involved in lawsuits, but Eldridge said recommendations related to litigation would be made by Seeley who is serving on retainer as the senior attorney.
While the committee is not expecting the candidate to have previous staff attorney experience, applicants should be familiar with Tennessee code as it applies to county government and the resources available to find answers for multiple departments.
And more than legal knowledge will be required from the successful candidate, according to Seeley.
“Absolutely critical to the success of the Legal Department are the people skills needed to deal with a variety of people.”
Eldridge agreed. “The staff attorney will have to respect the organization and the process we work within, and have respect for the officials.”
Commissioner Mark Larkey asked if the individual will serve on a contract basis, but Eldridge said the position will be considered a full-time county employee.
Eldridge asked Krieger to form a committee including members of the public to assist in narrowing the top candidates.
“I would like this group to sift through the applicants, interview four to five, and give me a list of the top three,” he said.
Eldridge will then conduct interviews and make his choice.
This process worked well during the search for a veterans service officer, according to Eldridge. “I’ve always been of the opinion that if you have an opportunity to invest people in the public with expertise, bring them in,” he said.
“I would like people with particular knowledge and background in the field to be part of the committee that brings me the short list.”