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County approves radio money for Town

At its Feb. 16 meeting, the Washington County Budget Committee approved a request from Jonesborough to reimburse the Town for radios it purchased for its volunteer fire department, in the amount of $35,746.50.
“When the radios were purchased, Jonesborough was somehow omitted,” said County Mayor George Jaynes. “It’s only fair we give them the same numbers as the other volunteer departments.”
The request was sent to the full County Commission meeting on Monday.
The budget committee also approved giving $2,500 to both the Johnson City Arts Council and the Hands-On Regional Museum to help those organizations continue and expand their outreach programs with Washington County schools.
The committee also approved two Justice Assistance Grants that the Sheriff’s Office has received, one for $26,295 to be used for firearms, and another for $108,103 to be used for SWAT weapons, motor vehicles and data processing equipment.
The budget committee also allocated $100,000 from the general fund into two maintenance line items, as the furnace in the Jonesborough courthouse blew as the commissioners were sitting in the meeting. The courthouse will have no heat except from portable heaters until it can be repaired.
The county presented its quarterly budget reports and officials said about 47 percent of taxes have been collected as of Dec. 31, 2009. The reports were forwarded onto the Feb. 22 full County Commission meeting.