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Council could become formal source of public input for the county

More input from Washington County residents on the actions of the commission could come with the establishment of a Citizens Advisory Council.
Chair David Tomita proposed the formation of such a body during the March 9 meeting of the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Committee.
“The three names of this committee are what drives the revenue of the county,” he said. “I believe in transparency, but there is a fundamental distrust of government.”
Tomita said he wants to get back into the business of generating tax revenue and jobs for the county. “One problem we haven’t gotten our hands around is the Boone Lake consequences,” he said, referring to TVA’s decision to leave the water 10 feet below the winter pool level for at least a year while it investigates seepage under the dam.
While the county does not have a formal process that allows non-commissioners to serve on standing committees, Tomita said an advisory council would give a larger number of citizens a voice.
Commissioner Lynn Hodge said more feedback would be useful. “There are a lot of ideas that could be generated with grassroots suggestions.”
On a motion by Commissioner Robbie Tester that was seconded by Commissioner Robbie McGuire, CIA members voted to request the Rules Committee investigate the formation of a Citizens Advisory Council.