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Committee considers sale of parcel to resident

Washington County resident Bobby Bailey is interested in purchasing a parcel of county-owned property on Big Limestone Road that the Zoning Office has deemed useless.
“The property has no value for placing residential or business structures because of the 30-foot setbacks on the front and rear,” Zoning Administrator Mike Rutherford told County-Owned Property Committee members during their Jan. 8 meeting.
According to Rutherford, the parcel at 486 Big Limestone Road in the 18th civil district was ordered sold through the Chancery Court for delinquent taxes on May 25, 2011.
“By virtue of a tax sale, Washington County ended up with the property, but it’s basically useless,” he said. “It has come to be a place where people dump trash.”
Bailey owns the adjoining property and attended the committee’s meeting to discuss his proposed use. “I’ve got kids, and I’d like to clean it up, maybe put in a picnic table, and make it a walkway,” he said.
Chair Phyllis Corso asked for a recommendation from the Zoning Office.
“I would recommend selling it since he’s willing to clean up the violations and maintain it,” Rutherford said. “At this point, never having someone approach us, I think we need to bring in the county attorney to determine the value.”
County Purchasing Agent Willie Shrewsbury questioned that plan. “A sealed bid or public auction is the case when it comes to a lot of things we’ve dealt with before,” he said.
Commissioner Alpha Bridger made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Joe Sheffield, to ask County Attorney Keith Bowers to meet with Shrewsbury to determine the correct process. The motion passed with unanimous approval.