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Commission to consider three annexation motions

During the March meeting, commissioners will be asked to approve three recommendations for legislators to consider in drafting future annexation policies.
The motions came from last month’s joint meeting of the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Committee and the Zoning Administrator’s Oversight Committee. They were then discussed by members of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, but a resolution could not be prepared in time for action by the full board during its February meeting.
The recommendations are in response to a report from the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations that explains the annexation process going forward, which will require annexing cities to obtain written consent from owners or hold a referendum.
“We are trying to make recommendations to legislators regarding how we feel about key components in the TACIR report and let our position be known on the annexation process,” Commissioner Joe Grandy said, referring to the following motions:
To allow noncontiguous annexation requests to be considered only after approval by both the city/town commission and the county commission.
To allow de-annexation requests from areas, avoiding the creation of “Donut” holes, only after approval by both the city/town commission and the county commission.
Any referendum used for annexation needs to include provision for property owner representation in the process.
With a narrowing window of time and more than 20 annexation bills under review in Nashville, Grandy asked the CIA Committee during its March 9 meeting to consider sending the motions to the county commission for approval.
Commissioner Robbie McGuire moved to request the full board formally approve the three motions and forward the recommendations to state legislators. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Robbie Tester and passed with unanimous approval.