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Commission delays action on old county farm property

At their June 28 meeting, Washington County Commissioners voted to delay action on approving a 40-year lease of some property on Greenfield County Farm because more citizen input was needed, officials said.
County Attorney John Rambo said he had received several calls, and had also heard from other commissioners whom citizens contacted about issues with the lease.
“We will rework the lease to accomodate both the church and those neighbors the best we can,” Rambo said.
According to the lease, eight acres of the farm would be leased at no charge to Mt. Zion Baptist Church, in return for improvements the church would make to the property.
The terms of the lease dictate the church would build and maintain a public park and playground, which includes a baseball field.
Some residents with neighboring property attended the meeting to raise concerns about their own property values.
The lease was sent back to the county-owned property committee to be taken up at the next commission meeting after further study.
The commission also approved a motion to operate the county on a continuing budget until a new 2010-2011fiscal year budget can be passed.
Director of Schools Ron Dykes answered questions from commissioners on the school’s budget, which needs $1.8 million from the county commission to avoid drastic cuts to school programs, positions and sports.
Commissioner Paul Woodby asked Dykes if he had “any recommendations on how to address the underfunding.”
Dykes said that any money would have to come from existing pennies that were realigned – perhaps from an unappropriated county surplus monies – or from a new source of revenue or a tax, or else the system will face drastic cuts that include more than 20 jobs, sports programs and necessary bus and textbook purchases. He also emphasized that the county’s per pupil spending rate gets inadequate attention.
“So that’s our plight,” Dykes told commissioners. “Your plight is trying to find some funds for us.”
In other news, the new health department is offically open at its new location and is seeing patients, and only experiencing a few “growing pains,” officials said.