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Commission approves plan to add 10th district to county

The Washington County Commission approved the redistricting plan during its Nov. 28 meeting, but not without an objection to the number of commissioners it includes.
“I’ve had a lot of calls,” Commissioner Mitch Meredith said, “and the public seemed to want a smaller commission. I’m disappointed the committee didn’t even consider reducing the number, and I can’t vote for it.”
Commissioner Joe Corso said every member makes a contribution, and some of the new people may not have understood that when they campaigned for a lower number.
Joining Meredith in voting against the plan, which includes the maximum 25 members allowed by law, were Commissioners Pete Speropulos, David Tomita, Ethan Flynn, Ken Lyon, Joe Grandy, Mike Ford and Mark Larkey.
Despite the commission’s approval, the process is still far from over.
“We’re now waiting on the redistricting of the state legislature, which will take place when they are back in session in January,” said Election Commissioner Connie Sinks.
In the meantime, polling places and new precincts are being finalized. Registered voters affected by any of the redistricting changes will receive a letter with the new information, but those won’t be mailed anytime soon.
In fact, no changes may be made until after the March 2012 election due to the tight deadlines for candidate qualifying and voter notification.
“Any time you have confusion in an election, it can be questioned,” Sinks said, something she definitely wants to avoid.
“As soon as I’m comfortable, I will get a letter or a postcard out, but we have to be sure.”
The next meeting of the Redistricting Committee will be held Monday, Dec. 12, where members will begin working on districts for the school board and constables.