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Commission approves committee nominations

Several factors were considered in nominating members for the standing committees that make recommendations to the full Washington County Commission.
“A couple of goals we have adhered to so far are to be extremely fair and transparent,” Chair Mark Larkey said during the Sept. 17 called meeting of the Committee on Committees. “We also need to utilize the individual strengths of the commissioners.”
Larkey clarified the nominations are for one-year terms. “The more exposure you get to different committees, the more well-rounded you are as a commissioner,” he said.
Commission Chair Greg Matherly said it also is important to give members opportunities in the areas they want to serve. Commissioners submitted their top four choices of standing committees for consideration.
Having a blend of new and incumbent commissioners on each committee would be another advantage to effectiveness, according to Commissioner Joe Grandy.
Regarding the new Employee Compensation and Benefits Committee, Commissioner Mitch Meredith recommended nominating people with real world experience who deal with a large employee base.
“I also think the interest may not be sustained over the long term,” said Commissioner Joe Wise, adding the hot issue in the campaign was related to commissioner insurance.
The proposed slate was considered by the full commission during its Sept. 22 meeting. Larkey made a point to say no member of the Committee on Committees had seen the areas of interest prior to the nominations meeting, which removed any preconceived ideas for membership.
In addition, while the appointments are for one year only, Larkey said there is value in having little or no turnover if a project is under way.
Commissioner Mike Ford seconded Larkey’s motion to approve the resolution appointing commissioners to standing committees, which passed with unanimous approval.
Membership for the 2014-15 Standing Committees
Audit and Ethics Committee — Mitch Meredith, Rick Storey, community members Paige Carter and Odie Majors, final community member appointed in October.
Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Committee — Larry England, Todd Hensley, Robbie McGuire, Robbie Tester, David Tomita.
Zoning Administrator Oversight Committee — Joe Grandy, Tom Krieger, Skip Oldham, David Tomita, Joe Wise.
Legal Services Oversight Committee — Tom Krieger, Mark Larkey, Greg Matherly, Mitch Meredith, Rick Storey, with remaining membership made up of the Washington County highway superintendent, mayor and sheriff.
Rules Committee — Lee Chase, Bryan Davenport, Greg Matherly, Mitch Meredith, Joe Wise.
Health, Education and Welfare — Katie Baker, Joe Grandy, Todd Hensley, Gary McAllister, Skip Oldham.
Public Works Committee — Forrest Boreing, Bryan Davenport, Danny Edens, Tom Foster, Matthew Morris.
Public Safety Committee — Forrest Boreing, Danny Edens, Mike Ford, Steve Light, Matthew Morris.
Employee Compensation and Benefits Committee — Katie Baker, Tom Krieger, Steve Light, Gary McAllister, Rick Storey.
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee — Lee Chase, with remaining proposed membership made up of the Washington County and Jonesborough mayors, the Johnson City city manager, one representative each from the city commissions and Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen, one representative each from the city and county school boards, and the chair of the Economic Development Board.
Other appointments approved during the Sept. 22 meeting were County Historian – Judge John Kiener; Tri-Cities Regional Airport Authority – Todd Hensley, Mitch Meredith and David Tomita; Johnson City Power Board – Joe Grandy; and Washington County Economic Development Council – Mark Larkey.
Committee on Committees members will consider nominations for statutory committees and community boards during their next meeting on Wednesday, Oct 1.