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Clerks, trustee celebrate victory, look to future

Goals have already been set once the county clerk, Circuit Court clerk and county trustee take office.
Kathy Storey, who defeated Sheila Haren for the county clerk position in last week’s election, said she was very pleased with the outcome.
“I am very thankful to God, to the voters and my family and my staff who have supported me all the way,” Storey said. “I am very blessed to have served these past four years and looking forward to serving for four more.”
Looking at the four years ahead of her, she said she hopes to be able to offer efficient services to the public and more services in the future.
“Our goal is to provide the most efficient services that we can,” Storey explained. “As new technology and new programs come along, we will certainly try to implement them.”
One of the new services she hopes to implement soon is issuing birth certificates in Jonesborough. Storey will need to go through the State Department of Health to get the process started.
Since the county clerk’s office has all of the old records in the Jonesborough location and residents visit the office to research their ancestors, she thought it would be nice to provide them with the service of obtaining their birth certificates in town instead of having to go through the state or traveling to Johnson City.
Another goal is providing a different style of license registration renewal forms that would save on paper and ultimately be more efficient. Storey said a thermal printer would print the license plate number on a decal, which would make the registration renewal a quicker process.
Karen Guinn, who defeated Suzan Sell Mitchell to continue as Circuit Court clerk, said it feels great to win the election. She said she really appreciates the support from voters.
“I am very proud of my employees. They worked very hard for me at the polls,” Guinn said, adding that she is also thankful for her supporters. “I love my job. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my voters.”
One of her major goals this year is to look into a new computer vendor because their current company will no longer be writing any new software.
Guinn said their new system will need to have the capacity to make software changes when the legislature changes the laws.
The process began last August, and Guinn hopes bids will go out through the purchasing department in the next few months.
The new computer vendor, she explained, has to handle criminal and civil law, bookkeeping, as well as provide the level of security she needs.
“It has to be well rounded for us,” Guinn said.
An ongoing goal is also keeping up with the new laws.
“Every year we do get new laws that we have to look at and make sure we are interpreting it right and doing the right thing with the law,” she said, which can be challenging.
Monty Treadway who defeated Michael Hartman for the trustee office, said it feels great to win the election.
“It always feels good to win the election,” he said, adding that he wants to thank all the voters for having confidence in him to serve again.
The biggest goal Treadway wants to tackle once he takes office is looking into the option of allowing individuals to pay with credit and debit cards.
“That’s the biggest goal,” Treadway said. He said he would also like to continue the same friendly service that has always been offered.