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Causey proud to earn community’s support

Left to right, Aldermen Virginia Causey and Stephen Callahan and Mayor Chuck Vest celebrate their win.


Staff Writer

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As the votes were rolling in on election Tuesday in Jonesborough, an unusual sight could be seen in Jonesborough; the three candidates vying for the two spots as Jonesborough aldermen, Stephen Callahan, Virginia Causey and Charlie Moore, and the mayoral candidate, Chuck Vest, were together, enjoying conversation.

For Causey, who was elected as an alderman along with Callahan, the kindness seen throughout the local election serves as a sign that the future dynamic of the BMA will be a positive one.

“I think Tuesday was a testament for all of us because we stood down there, we laughed, we talked, when people came through, we talked to whoever was there. The camaraderie was excellent,” Causey said. “I think we’re going to all get along. We’re going to disagree because you disagree on things and you agree to disagree sometimes. I believe the board will be very very good.”

“I think Stephen will bring a lot of young ideas to the table,” Causey added. “I’m much older and I can see things from my experience that I’ve had in the past.”

Her background comes with experience; Causey spent 40 years as the executive assistant to the town administrator before she retired two years ago. Just when she thought she was finished, Causey was appointed to the BMA in April of 2018 when Vest was appointed mayor following Kelly Wolfe’s resignation to the post. After spending eight months as an appointed BMA member, Causey said after tallying 1,254 votes in the Nov. 6 election, it all feels official.

“I sort of sat back in the time that I’ve been there because I was an appointed alderman,” Causey said. “But now I feel like I’m finally officially elected by the citizens to represent them. Before, it was like I was appointed, but am I official? Am I not? Even though I knew I was, it was just not the same as it is now.”

Now Causey said she’s ready to see the town’s projects to completion, starting with the town garage and followed by the park to be placed behind the senior center.

“(The goal is) to finish that city garage and start the park because we do have a lot of money waiting to be invested up there. And I think the location of the park is going to be a great place,” Causey said, “But I do think the garage is our main goal because it’s been outgrown for a long time with as many vehicles and things as we have.”

In addition to maintaining her top goal to serve as an advocate to the town’s employees, Causey said she is set to work on communication both between the board as well as the constituents of Jonesborough.

“I hope and pray that I can make a difference (with) communication especially because that’s a problem we’ve had,” Causey said. “And that’s with anywhere. I feel like people can call and talk to me. If they talk to me, I will find them an answer. It might not be an answer they want to hear sometimes, because I’m just one person, but I do feel like the confidence they’ve shown in the votes will reflect in me also.”

In preparing to represent the people, Causey said she wanted the people of Jonesborough to know that each and every decision she makes on the board comes with a lot of weighing and prayer.

“I’m just very blessed they elected me,” Causey said. “Before I make decisions, I really pray hard about it because I want to make the right decisions that are good for the town and good for whoever is involved in the situation. I just think as long as you’ve got God on your side, you’re okay.”