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Carter asks county to honor promise

Jonesborough contractor Marvin Carter is ready to complete his residential development beside the industrial park, and hopes the county will make good on the promise made by former Mayor George Jaynes.
Carter attended the March 10 meeting of the Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Committee with Zoning Administrator Mike Rutherford who provided the history.
According to Rutherford, the Sunset Estates development was under way at the same time the Koyo plant was being built in the Washington County Industrial Park in Telford. Upon completion in 2008, Koyo argued the distance from Carter’s development did not match the original agreement.
To address the problem, Jaynes made a deal for the county to purchase several of the residential development’s lots. Because Carter has already paid for water and sewer taps on these lots, he was promised they would be relocated.
“The county agreed to move 10 of the taps for sewer and water, but has only moved two,” Rutherford said.
While Jaynes and his files are now gone, Rutherford said Carter is looking for the county to fulfill its obligation. “There is no evidence of this in writing,” Rutherford added.
Commissioner Mark Ferguson said he didn’t remember sewer being part of the agreement, but Rutherford confirmed it was included.
Commissioner David Shanks made a motion to ask the purchasing agent to obtain costs for moving the remaining eight taps. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Sam Phillips and passed with unanimous approval.
“So you’re saying you’ll honor it?” Carter asked.
Commissioner Steve Light said the cost to honor the commitment must be determined before the request can be taken to the Budget Committee.
Carter’s second reason for attending the CIA meeting, Rutherford said, was to make commissioners aware he is open to negotiating the sale of a 50-60-acre tract of property adjoining the industrial park, which is unrelated to the residential development. Mitch Miller, CEO of the Washington County Economic Development Council, was present at the meeting and said he would take a look at the property.