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Bus driver involved in crash still trying to get new attorney

Brenda Gray appeared in Washington County Criminal Court again July 29 in regard to the September 2012 bus crash that occurred while she was driving a load of David Crockett High School students home from school.
When the case was called, Assistant District Attorney Erin McArdle asked Judge Robert Cupp if she could approach the bench to speak with him privately.
After talking with McArdle, Cupp called Gray up to join them.
“I think it’s appropriate to put this conversation on record,” Cupp said upon completion. “Ms. Gray has advised me she has cashed in her retirement to pay Michael LaGuardia’s office $14,000.”
LaGuardia, the attorney representing Gray, died unexpectedly prior to a hearing scheduled for July 8, during which he had been scheduled to enter a plea and request sentencing for Gray.
Despite LaGuardia’s sudden death, that hearing still took place.
At it, Gray told Cupp she was going to have to find another lawyer and requested court-appointed representation. Cupp scheduled the July 29 hearing to discuss the fees she owed LaGuardia.