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Boone Street murals approved

Murals will soon grace the wrought iron fence behind Boone Street Market, thanks to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s approval of the Tree and Townscape Board recommendation last week.
Town Administrator Bob Browning explained to the BMA that the Tree and Townscape Board was interested in locking in a yearly price for the murals. In an effort to make the compensation proposal proportional, the board approved $1,500 a year for three years.
The first $1,500 will be paid to Bill Bledsoe, who was chosen as the artist in charge of the first set of murals.
Alderman Homer G’Fellers was not present.
Alderman Chuck Vest said $1,500 a year is a pretty good buy for the murals.
The mural’s panels, which are easy to install, are 5 feet by 7 feet. The panels can be slipped in sleeves; therefore making them interchangeable. There will be four initial murals, with a total of 12 over three years.
Mayor Kelly Wolfe said murals of that size should not be done cheaply and it is not something the board wants to do cheaply because they will be located in one of the most visible areas in the Town of Jonesborough. He said the town has spent a lot of money investing in the pedestrian plaza around the Boone Street Market.
“It is easier for us to digest as a board spending $1,500 a year maintaining that,” he said.
Browning said the BMA will approve the panel design before they are actually painted.
Recommended guidelines from the Tree and Townscape Board include the requirement that the four murals represent four seasons in Jonesborough and that the subject matter include scenes of Jonesborough life, not just buildings. The town’s “storytelling” brand must also be represented in one of the panels.
In addition, the tourism logo should be used in the panels, in case the rendering is also used on a postcard or wall hanging. This way the artist print will be tied to Jonesborough. The board also recommended that an artist work with community members — organized and directed by Theresa Hammons of the McKinney Center — to paint the murals.
The first panels are expected to be displayed in 18 months. In 2015, the process would be duplicated every winter, with four new murals and a new artist in charge. The four panels replaced will either be moved to another location in town or be stored for possible reuse.