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Boone band to obtain new equipment trailer

The Washington County Board of Education approved funds for Daniel Boone High School to purchase a trailer for the band to assist in transporting their equipment.
Finance Committee Chairman David Hammond requested during the Sept. 4 board meeting that the board approve a request from Daniel Boone High School Band Director Scott Blanton to purchase an 8.5-foot-by-24-foot trailer to haul band instruments. The request was for $6,462.
He also made a motion that the board approve funding up to $5,462 and at the end of the year if funds are available, to allocate the same amount to David Crockett High School band.
He said the trailer is important because band boosters are paying $3,000 a year to haul the band equipment to other schools and band competitions.
He added that Crossroads Church has graciously offered property for the band to practice on, so the band does not have to practice on asphalt.
With the approval of funds for the trailer, Hammond said, it would allow the band to easily get their equipment down to the church as well.
Board Chairman Todd Ganger said he does not want to get in the habit of giving one school something when the other high school asks for assistance.
“I’m not discouraging helping them one bit,” he said. “I would like to see them come to us with the need specifically of what they are requesting.”
Board Member Jack Leonard said they wanted to try to keep equal balance for the two high schools and to help them improve.
With East Tennessee State University starting a football team, Phillip McLain said there will be more opportunities for kids to get scholarships in band, which was a reason he supported the motion.
He said the intent of providing funds for both high schools is if David Crockett High School comes in with the need, the board has already preapproved the funds.
The board members asked about liability if a parent was pulling the trailer with their own vehicle. Director of Schools Ron Dykes said he would look into it.
The BOE also approved a bid to purchase automatic AED defibrillators.
According to information provided at the meeting, all of the nursing supervisors are trained in AED. Anyone in the school system can be trained in the AED defibrillators at no cost. Currently, each school has six to 10 employees trained, ranging from the principal to teachers in such areas as CPR, first-aid and AED.
The bid also gives the school board discretion to purchase additional units.
Board Member Keith Ervin made the suggestion to buy additional units so all units are the same districtwide.
The money used to purchase the AED defibrillators will come from the security assessment pool of funds, Dykes said.
The school board was reorganized during its Thursday night meeting as well.
Ganger was selected as the chairman and Leonard was selected as the vice chairman.