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Bonding company counsel arrives at Jonesborough Senior Center meeting

A representative from the bonding company secured by the Town of Jonesborough for the Senior Center project was in attendance at last week’s progress meeting for a face-to-face with contractor Scott Rainey.
“The town requested their assistance in providing oversight to ensure enough manpower is on the job to meet the schedule and finish by the end of August,” Town Administrator Bob Browning said.
Browning met privately with Rainey and Kathryn Truman, Senior Surety Claims Counsel at Westfield Group/Westfield Insurance following the progress report on July 30.
During the public discussion, Eddie Phillips of Ken Ross Architects stressed to Rainey the importance of having an updated schedule that includes milestones to have each job finished. “We’re shooting for the end of August for everything,” Phillips said.
The schedule also should include the dates equipment such as hardware, doors, bathroom partitions, guard rails, fire extinguishers and light fixtures is expected to be on site.
“Be proactive,” Phillips advised. “We don’t want to ask for equipment in stock and find out it’s backordered. If it takes two weeks lead time, order it now.”
Rainey said he has two men painting, his crew has started installing the metal panels on the roof, the columns are almost finished, the attic insulation is in and work on the ceilings was scheduled to begin later that day.
Jonesborough Building Inspector J.W. Greene asked when the trim on the Main Street side will be completed so the sidewalks can be poured, and Rainey estimated another two weeks.
Supervision of the work is an ongoing concern, according to Browning. “One of our complaints is that it has been disjointed, which could lead to a domino effect,” he said, referring to a delay in one job negatively affecting the progress of the others. “We’ve communicated numerous times we need to be in the building by the end of August.”
Rainey said the process should flow more smoothly with the subcontractors, and Phillips recommended he get a commitment from each of them to finish the work by the deadline. “We had that meeting last week,” Rainey responded.
Furniture and other equipment is expected at the end of August, Browning said, but he doesn’t want it delivered before the building is ready.
“We will have it at a point you could get that in,” Rainey assured him.
Phillips instructed Rainey to put every resource he has on the project in order to be finished by the end of the month. “There is lot to be done, and it’s going to take a team effort,” he said.
The next Senior Center Progress Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 6, at 9 a.m. at Town Hall.
In a later interview, Browning said Rainey remains the contractor of record though Westfield has brought in Larry Calloway of Landmark Corp. in Johnson City as an agent to monitor the project.
“There is not a drop dead date for the project, and it will more likely be the middle of September before it’s completed,” Browning said.