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Bomb threat evacuates Boone students

Another bomb threat last week evacuated students from Daniel Boone High School until a bomb-sniffing K-9 confirmed there was no danger.
“A message scribbled in a female restroom area indicated the school needed to call the bomb squad,” Director of Schools Ron Dykes said a couple of hours after students returned to the classrooms at 11:13 a.m. on April 11.
“The school resource officer was notified immediately, and under the advisement of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, we evacuated to the stadium.”
Dykes said a WCSO investigative unit arrived within minutes of being notified of the danger. While expense has prevented the WCSO from adding a K-9 unit trained in bomb detection, Sheriff Ed Graybeal said Unicoi County was happy to provide the support of its officer.
“We also had a drug dog on the scene, in addition to patrolmen and other SROs,” he said. The building and the entire campus were searched, but no device was located.
Graybeal said threats received in any form, such as through an anonymous telephone call, are treated with the same level of seriousness. “When it’s written, you know it’s someone who has been in the school,” he noted.
“Removing everyone from the building removes any chance of anybody getting hurt.”
According to Dykes, the school has a couple of leads on suspects. “We’re not only dealing with administrative discipline, this (action) is also a crime, and if identified, they will be charged with a crime,” he said.
“In similar instances, we found those responsible and I have faith we will again.”
The WCSO will work with the school to complete an investigation, Graybeal said.
A similar event happened in November of last year, and three Boone students were arrested.