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Board approves athletic allocation; strives to balance funds with needs

After a lengthy discussion, the Washington County Board of Education voted to set aside $130,500 for both high schools’ athletic capital outlay needs.
The May 20 meeting was called to discuss the capital outlay bond Washington County schools had received, what projects the monies have been used for and how the remaining money should be spent.
In June of last year, the board discussed the intended expenditures for the $2,840,000 capital outlay bond they were expecting to receive.
Some of the needs the board initially discussed were the installation of railing in Little Theater and an observation balcony, carpet and a roof for Boones Creek Elementary; roof, ADA compliance issues and chimney repair at Boones Creek Middle School; multi-purpose facility at Daniel Boone High School; water line separation and a multi-purpose facility at David Crocket High School; door and hardware replacement at Gray Elementary School; roof and carpet at Jonesborough Elementary School and a roof at Midway Center. The purchase of three trucks and four vans for service vehicles was also on that list.
The actual bond they received was less than they were expecting at $2,685,000.
From those initial needs, the board has approved carpet for Boones Creek and Jonesborough Elementary schools; new domestic waterline at David Crockett High School; door and frame replacements at Gray Elementary; re-roofing at Midway Center; paving at Ridgeview Elementary, Gray Elementary, West View Elementary and David Crockett High School; sink hole repair at Ridgeview Elementary; score board for both high schools, as well as $10,000 for both high school athletic departments, and six service vehicles.
“Normally when you run across these unusual expenses, such as a sink hole issue or quick need for some replacement for an item, you only have two pockets of money to pull it from,” Director of Schools Ron Dykes said. “One is fund balance and the other pocket is from this bond.”
He said historically until about seven years ago, they have had an adequate fund balance to help with such issues. Sadly, Dykes said, additional annual expenditures have dwindled the fund balance down to approximately $1 million.
“That’s what has put you in this predicament,” Dykes said, adding that it was at no fault of the schools or the board.
Board Member Todd Ganger said the county commission is bragging about how their fund balance is currently $18 million, which is at its high point.
“At that process, they have dwindled ours to a minimal,” he said. “Ours is getting to where it’s almost nonexistent.”
Dykes informed the board that the county commission reimbursed Washington County Schools for the Fall Branch Elementary roof and Boones Creek Elementary chiller and they are considering assisting with the boiler replacement at Lamar School.
“I did ask for assistance with the sinkhole; it was denied,” Dykes said.
As of May 19, the board had expended an estimated $1,358,253.10 from the $2.685 million beginning bond proceeds.
Dykes said some of the expenses from that list came in far above the estimates and others came below.
“Those are the items that you decided to pull from that amount of money,” he said.
While the board began discussing a multi-purpose facility at both high schools, Board member Keith Ervin reminded the board of the needs at Boones Creek and Jonesborough Elementary schools. He pointed out that both schools need a new roof.
“We have to decide if we want to shoot for a new school or fix the one we got,” he said.
The board initially estimated the cost at the facilities to be $175,500 each.
Ganger also pointed out that the board knows it is going to take a million dollars a piece to build the multi-purpose facilities for the high schools.
“I’m darn sure we don’t want to let it sit there when we have all these other needs,” he said of the funds. “We are still responsible of how it is spent and where it goes and that is why I have a problem of earmarking it somewhere.”
Board member Jack Leonard agreed that since the board does not have enough money left in the bond to build the athletic building, the funds could be used for the athletic needs the high schools do have.
“It’s the board’s discretion of how you want to earmark those dollars,” Dykes said.
Although the motion of setting aside $130,500 for Daniel Boone High School and David Crockett High School’s athletic capital outlay needs passed, it did not receive a unanimous vote from the board.