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BMA shuts down suggestion to expand 2019 Brews & Tunes


Staff Writer

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The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted Monday night to reject a suggestion to allow additional alcoholic beverages for consumption at the weekly Brews & Tunes event.

Alderman Adam Dickson spoke in favor of “slowing down” after Mayor Chuck Vest suggested the possibility of a language change in the event’s agenda presentation document from “beer” to “alcoholic beverages.”

“You have suggested that we include language in here for alcoholic beverages . . . I just think there’s worth if we would be patient and just walk with some people in Jonesborough that do not necessarily approve of this,” Dickson said.

Mayor Chuck Vest suggested the change initially.

“Something to consider, and I think it’s worth considering, that in the recommendation where it says ‘on premises consumption of beer,’ just changing the word ‘beer’ to ‘alcoholic beverages’ just in case you do wine or something like that you just cover all our bases.”

When Vest called for discussion on the subject, Dickson shared his concerns with the board.

“I certainly understand the world we live in. I just hope that we would continue to be proactive and harmonious and be proactive in bringing people to the table.  Instead of us just rushing something and then it coming back on us and be a slap in the face I think it would behoove us to kind of slow down a little bit.

“If we can get through this season of Brews & Tunes the way it is, maybe you can get to where you want to go.”

Alderman Stephen Callahan, proprietor of Tennessee Hills Distillery, said he believed that other forms of alcohol should be served

“I think you’ve got to have it all or nothing. I think that if you’re going to serve beer, let’s serve some wine and liquor, too. It’s an equality thing.”

Following the discussion, Callahan requested a 10-minute recess. Upon continuation of the meeting, he recused himself from further discussion and from the vote.

Alderman Dickson approved the motion based upon the original language using ‘beer’, while Alderman Virginia Causey seconded the motion. Alderman Terry Countermine was absent from the April 8 meeting.