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BMA approves paving plan for 12 roads in Jonesborough

A dozen roads in Tennessee’s oldest town are now in line to be paved, although when that will happen remains up in the air.
At the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting held at 8 a.m. on Oct. 21, leaders approved giving the go-ahead to spend $322,500 to pave the first 12 out of 21 locations that make up the town’s 2013 paving list.
The funding for the work will come from a $400,000 capital outlay note, with the remaining portion of the loan going toward paving some of the remainder of the list at a later date.
The paving will be done by crews with the Washington County asphalt plant at a discounted price.
“I really don’t know if they’ll possibly be able to do any this fall or not,” Town Operations Manager Craig Ford said. “They will usually come down and pave for us before they shut down their plant for the season.”
Ford said he will communicate with Washington County Highway Superintendent Johnny Deakins to determine whether all, a handful or none of the 12 roads will be able to be completed this year.
The town intends to pave the roads pretty much in the order they have been listed (see sidebar), but Ford said that is not set in stone.
“We have to look at not just the shape the road is in, but also the amount of traffic that is on the road,” he noted.
As for the remaining nine locations on the list, several of the roadways are currently scheduled to undergo some kind of improvement project that will require the roads to be torn up.
Ford said when they get paved will depend on when work can be accomplished on those projects.
“We have so many other projects with the street department crew. Right now we are working on the McKinney Center and then we need to move to the walkway (from Persimmon Ridge Park to the Meadows subdivision) because of grant funding tied in with that project,” Ford said. “We’ve also heard rumors that the state may be looking at paving (Highway) 11E in 2014. If that was the case, we would need to get the rest of the work on our medians there done before they came in to do that.”