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Beating the winter weather blues with Beulah

Beulah Maloney moved to Telford in 1942 and has lived there ever since. She lived through many storms and unusual weather events during all that time, but said she can’t remember a winter snow event that lingered like this recent one.
Maloney does recall a storm six or eight years ago though that produced at least six inches of snow that covered everything in sight and stayed on the ground for days.
“It was so heavy they had to get a ladder to get the snow off of the roof,” she said. “We were afraid the roof would cave in if we didn’t get it off. This time, it seems the snow has just kept on falling and has lingered on the ground even longer than usual.”
Maloney, who still has her driver’s license at the age of 91, said she doesn’t dare drive in the snow.
“I never have,” she said. “Well, I did once, when I worked at the Klopman Mills. It started snowing and I couldn’t stay over there, so I got one of the men to drive behind me all the way home. There’s not much you can do when you get caught out in it but try to make it home safely and once you are there, stay put.”
A dedicated member of the Telford United Methodist Church, Maloney has watched her town change over the years, and remembers Telford as a “nice little village” when she first moved there.
“Back then they kept the yards mowed, and the fences mended and painted,” Maloney said. “The porches and windows were kept clean and everybody had gardens with flowers and vegetables, but it’s not like that anymore.”
Maloney is one of seven children and was married for three decades before her husband died 40 years ago.
“I’m the only one left, and some times I wonder why I’m still here,” she said. “But I live for every day that I can get; I wouldn’t miss it for nothin’ in the world.”
Even the recent cold weather snap and never-ending snow haven’t dampened Maloney’s spirits.
“Don’t complain about the snow,” she quipped. “It’ll leave after a while.”