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Athletics plans hit a snag

Confusion between the Washington County Board of Education board members last week concerning capital outlay bond funds set aside for the high schools has resulted in another meeting, set for May 19, for further discussion.
Although a motion passed, with Board Chairman Chad Williams opposing, to purchase two score boards for the high school’s football fields using existing capital outlay bond funds, there was a long discussion about the funds initially being split between the two schools for a particular need.
Board member William Brinkley said he made a motion during the Athletics Committee meeting that pooled the remaining bond monies together, when in fact a motion was made by board member Jack Leonard last year that split the remaining funds apart for a multi-purpose facility for the two high schools. Both David Crockett High School and Daniel Boone High School had $175,500 designated to their school.
Board Member Philip McLain agreed that a total of $350,000 was set aside for the multi-purpose buildings at both schools.
“You can only spend that money one time,” he said.
Director of Schools Ron Dykes said the board prioritized capital projects on a $2.8 million outlay revenue proceeds bond that they thought they were going to receive. When Washington County received the bond, it was $2.6 million.
Dykes said as the year progressed money was taken out of that amount to pay for issues that needed to be addressed. He said the board had two options when they were faced with those needs — either tap into the fund balance or the $2.6 million bond fund. “That is what you have chosen to do as these needs arose,” he told the board about taking money out of the bond fund. “These needs are going to continue to arise.”
Athletics Committee Chairman Todd Ganger said they are putting out a bid for a video score board and a message center score board to replace the existing ones at David Crockett High School and Daniel Boone High School.
“The reason I brought this up was because last month we had a joint Facilities and Athletics (committees) meeting,” Ganger said. The meeting included an update about the cost of new multi-purpose buildings. “They were going to be around a million dollars. There is no way we are going to be able to build those without going to the county commission for support. I felt like we had dire needs at both high schools.”
He went on to say that the score board at Boone died last year and parts had to be borrowed from Crockett for the Friday night game.
McLain said he recommends that the score boards should be exactly the same at both high schools.
Ganger brought a second recommendation to the board about rubberizing the track at David Crockett High School, which was already approved at a budget meeting a few days prior.