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Appropriations recommendations stay the same

A recommendation for appropriations to nonprofit organizations has been approved despite not knowing how much funding will be available in the 2014-15 budget.
Commissioner Pat Wolfe asked for a budget figure during the July 8 meeting of the General Health and Welfare Committee, and Mayor Dan Eldridge suggested using 10 percent less than the amount allocated during the last fiscal year.
Approximately 20 written proposals requesting almost $300,000 in funding during 2014-15 were received, and committee members asked for presentations from a few of the organizations for more information.
During last week’s meeting, Commissioner Mitch Meredith provided a breakdown of the approximately $177,000 approved for 2013-14.
“Government is responsible for parks and amenities,” he said. “We don’t really have any county parks, but I think the senior centers fall under that.”
Wolfe made a motion to recommend the same organizations supported during 2013-14 be funded at the same amount during the upcoming budget with no additions or increases.
Commissioner David Shanks seconded the motion, which passed with unanimous approval. The Budget Committee will consider the recommendation at its July 16 meeting.