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Animal shelter proposals due by Aug. 15

The deadline for responses to the request for proposals regarding a new location for the Johnson City/Washington County animal shelter is Monday, Aug. 15.
Several weeks ago, the two entities had discussed sharing the cost of buying a $700,000 piece of property on L.P. Auer Road to serve as the new shelter. However, it was pulled off the table before county commissioners could vote on it in June because Johnson City leaders reportedly opted to seek out other possible locations that might be more affordable.
Since then, Johnson City Manager Pete Peterson said three or four unsolicited recommendations have been received from Realtors.
“The thing that some of the public is losing sight of is the property (on L.P. Auer Road) lies in a 100-year flood plain,” he said. “If we buy it, we will have to flood proof it.”
While Peterson acknowledged it is a good location, he thinks the city and county would be paying twice as much as what it is worth.
“It’s the appraised price, but it’s still too much for that building,” he said. “If the taxpayers are considering paying $700,000 to $1 million, we need to turn over every rock.”
The city reportedly has been made aware of another available property in the last couple of days that could work.
“It’s not developed, but we have the potential to get (the center) on another piece of property in a new building cheaper than the one on L.P. Auer Road,” Peterson said.
According to Peterson, the city has already allocated funding not to exceed $350,000.
“I would like to get an answer the first or second week in September,” he said. “We don’t need to drag this out.”