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Animal control center site to be subdivided for fire station

During their June 3 meeting, City Manager Pete Peterson asked Animal Control Board members to consider subdividing the property purchased on North Roan Street and transferring ownership to the City of Johnson City for a new fire hall.
“This particular location is ground zero of where we need the next fire station,” Peterson said, highlighting on a map the 6.6-acre site of the new animal control center. The topic was not included on the agenda of what was nearing a two-hour meeting.
Peterson said the city has a gap in fire coverage in that area and is trying to determine if the new fire station would fit on the 1.3-1.4 acres at the front of the North Roan Street site. He proposed separating the portion to make it available in the future.
“The project is probably five years out before it would be built, but the bank needs to know if it will be collateral on the loan,” he said.
As part of its commitment to the construction of a new animal control facility, the City of Johnson City agreed to cover the debt service on the $1.5 million loan secured in the name of the Animal Control Board. Both Johnson City and Washington County had earlier pledged $350,000 each to the project.
Because the actual facility will be constructed on the back portion of the lot, ACB members initially discussed sale or rental of the frontage to a complementary business such as a PetsMart, but no prospects were ever recommended for consideration.
Later discussions included proposing the frontage as a new site for Washington County Emergency Communications.
“Is 911 out?” Commissioner Pat Wolfe asked during last week’s meeting.
Peterson said Director Bob McNeil had looked at the property, but did not like it.
Wolfe asked if the ACB would retain ownership of the subdivided portion of the property.
“The key piece is if the Animal Control Board is okay with subdividing the property so the loan could keep moving,” Peterson said. “We have several options, and one is subdividing and transferring (ownership of more than an acre) to the city.”
Wolfe made a motion to subdivide the property and exclude the proposed area from the collateral as long as it did not hamper the loan, with the ACB retaining ownership of the full site. The motion was seconded by Lucinda Grandy and passed with unanimous approval.
“Is there any hesitation from the board members on transferring ownership to the city?” Johnson City Mayor Ralph Van Brocklin asked.
Wolfe said that portion of the lot could be sold if more money is needed for the new animal control center.
ACB members authorized Peterson to work with surveyors to record the changes.