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After 15 years, Washington County Election Commission’s website gets a facelift

For the Washington County Election Commission, a lot has changed in the way they’ve done business during the last 15 years.
But it seems at least one thing has managed to stay the same — its website.
Even that is changing now, thanks to a much-needed facelift to the site.
“It’s the first time it’s been messed with since the mid-1990s,” said Washington County Election Commission Administrator Connie Sinks of the organization’s newly launched site, “We wanted to give it a new look and give people more access.”
A web designer has been working on the site for the last six months to give it an updated look and more value to the citizens of Washington County.
“The guy doing it has won awards for other work he has done,” Sinks said. “I think it’s going to look really nice when it’s all finished.”
Already the site is a vast improvement from its former self, Sinks said.
“But it’s not done yet,” she said. “We’re going to put a lot more information up there and links to what the state is doing.”
Currently the site provides Internet viewers with a list of deadlines for upcoming elections, a list of elected and appointed officials in Washington County and several other bits of information.