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Adjustments made to project at wastewater treatment plant

A third cost adjustment for the ongoing wastewater improvement project in Jonesborough came before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen last week. It tacks on another $48,000 for the first phase of a multimillion dollar improvement project currently under way at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The majority of the additional money, approximately $31,000, will be used to install a screen and computer unit that will prevent freezing problems during winter months. The money will be used to upgrade and replace yard hydrants located at the facility as well as adding two valves to the main pump station’s force main.
BMA members unanimously approved the change order during their March 11 meeting.
“Fine tuning this project as we go is always going to cost less than coming back and retrofitting it later,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe pointed out.
Two months ago, the BMA approved paying an additional $10,300 for the project due to unforeseen problems underground in the area where two giant basins are being constructed.
The first change order related to the project came about a year ago, almost immediately after the project got the green light.
It was for approximately $32,000 needed to purchase extra equipment that is helpful in the water transfer process.
All of the additional costs are being paid through a contingency fund set up specifically for anticipated adjustments related to the project.
After the first three adjustments, approximately $110,000 remains in that contingency fund.
Phase I of the improvement project is expected to cost approximately $5.2 million.
A second phase of the project, which includes additional improvements at the plant and the construction of an outfall line to the Nolichucky River, will cost another $3.5 million.