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ACB asks Humane Society to reconsider involvement

With construction of the new shelter nearing completion, members of the Animal Control Board discussed options for additional volunteer support during their Feb. 3 meeting.
Johnson City Mayor Ralph Van Brocklin said the Animal Control Center staff will be stretched thin after it moves into the new structure.
“Having the Humane Society directly involved in the adoption process is still the ideal way to have the new facility be a success,” he said, addressing WCHS representative Cindy Robinson. “I would encourage your board to reconsider.”
Discussions about The Humane Society’s heading up the adoption program at the new facility were underway when the group expressed interest in taking over all of the operations of the shelter. However, a letter read during the Dec. 2 meeting announced the board had voted to defer taking further steps toward management of the shelter.
In addition to maintaining its strong spay-neuter program, The Humane Society indicated it will continue to aggressively organize local adoption events and showcase animals who are in foster care and from the shelter in order to improve their chances of adoption. No specific indication of the organization’s role in the new building was mentioned.
ACB Chair and City Manager Pete Peterson echoed Van Brocklin’s comments. “It’s a golden opportunity for the Humane Society to be involved by providing input on decisions being made now on space design.”
Robinson gave no indication whether fellow board members will reconsider their decision.
Commissioner Joe Grandy proposed the ACB form an Animal Welfare Citizens Advisory Committee to serve as a liaison between the shelter, the Humane Society and the citizens of Washington County with the intent of increasing adoptions and fostering; improving animal health; enhancing teamwork with business, the press and the public; educating children and adults on the value of the shelter; reducing animal euthanasia; and coordinating and negotiating acceptable solutions between the ACB, shelter and WCHS.
Grandy submitted a draft of the activities and benefits such a group could offer, and Peterson asked board members to be prepared to discuss the idea in detail during the March meeting.