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‘New favorite’ for fireworks location

Test shots of several fireworks in Jonesborough last week have leaders looking at a new location to serve as the headquarters for the town’s annual fireworks display set for Saturday, July 6.
For years, the town shot off its fireworks from the AmericInn hotel property, but officials with the company put a halt to the display last year due to hot and dry weather.
Since the last-minute cancelation, town leaders have been considering other locations from which to shoot off the fireworks, spots where the town would be able to better “control the useage” of the land, according to Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe.
Following last week’s test shots, it seems that location may have been determined.
“A new favorite has emerged,” Wolfe said. “It is the International Storytelling Center park area, which is town-owned.”
Officials initially discussed shooting them off from the town-owned parking lot next to the Parson’s Table on Fox Street or from the Washington County Detention Center parking lot owned by Washington County.
Concerns with the train schedule on the adjacent railroad tracks had leaders worried about the Parson’s Table lot, while the jail lot might have limited visibility of the fireworks for people gathered downtown.
Storytelling Park, located behind the ISC building on Main Street, alleviates both of those potential problems.
“That will put the display right smack in the middle of downtown,” Wolfe said. “It looks like, after a great bit of searching, for this year anyway, we’ve found our fireworks location.”
The location will also mean an improved fireworks display, according to Wolfe.
“The park area will mean smaller shells and more show,” he said. “We can use smaller shells because they don’t have to go up to be seen. Bigger shells are more expensive so that means we can afford more of the smaller shells. So there’ll actually be more shots fired.”
The site will need to be approved by the fire marshal before it is officially chosen, however Wolfe does not expect there to be an issue.
The town fireworks display is scheduled to take place on the night of Saturday, July 6.