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Wolfe runs into Jonesborough fan at convention

Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe traveled to Tampa Bay, Fla., last month as a delegate of Tennessee taking part in the Republican National Convention held Aug. 27-30. Days later, he returned home as a representative of not only Tennessee, but also of Louisiana.
It all started when Wolfe sat down on a bench to relax for a few minutes and wait for his wife.
“As I sat down, this lady behind me taps me on my shoulder,” Wolfe recalled. “She asked me where I was from. Everyone is so friendly at these kinds of things.”
When Wolfe told the woman he was from Jonesborough, she got very excited.
“She said, ‘Jonesborough?! I love Jonesborough!’ Then she pulls out her phone and starts flipping through it,” Wolfe said of the woman, who is from Shreveport, La. “She shows me a picture. It’s the Chester Inn. Then she shows me a picture of the courthouse. I said, ‘Yep, that’s our courthouse.’ Then she shows me a picture of the Old Sweet Shop.”
The woman went on to explain that she and her husband traveled through Jonesborough from time to time on their way to visit family in Banner Elk, N.C.
She was even more elated to learn she was speaking with the mayor of Tennessee’s oldest town.
Before parting ways, the woman promised to stop by and say hello to Wolfe and other town leaders the next time they traveled through Jonesborough.
But the next day, while Wolfe was sitting in the area for Tennessee delegates, he was again tapped on the shoulder.
The same woman had returned to bring him a gift — some Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans.
“I’m now an honorary delegate from the state of Louisiana,” Wolfe explained. “It just shows you, wherever you go, chances are somebody’s heard of your town and is excited about it.”
Wolfe said the overall experience at the convention was amazing.
He encouraged others to attend one if ever given the opportunity.
“Regardless of your politics, if you get a chance to go to a convention ­— for whichever party — you ought to do it,” he said.