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Town resident writes Christian-based book

Jonesborough resident Louise Kearley has written a book titled “I Remember.”
Kearley writes about how life, for the Christian faithful, is but a matter of two choices: to live a life that leads to heaven, or to live a life that leads to hell.
In the 30-page book, Kearley offers glimpses into a life that is a stark reminder of the relevance of these two choices.
Having dedicated her life to Jesus Christ since turning 17, Kearley recalls the people she has met since then, and how their lives played out around these two choices. The details can be gruesome at times, and the life she has lived may not be as appealing to those whose ways are more attuned to the ways of the world.
Kearley, however, insists that what life on Earth a Christian has been given is secondary only to how one has ensured that the right path has been made and lived through.
A native of Virginia, Kearley now lives in Jonesborough. She is retired bookkeeper, a job she held for 25 years.
For 12 years, she also worked for the Association of Retarded Citizens of Washington County.
She was married to Olen Kearley, who died on June 2010. She takes special interest in special needs children, loves baking bread and rendering church works.
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