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The Lollipop Shop set to host cash mob Sept. 8

It was during the National Storytelling Festival a little more than 10 years ago when a small candy store created so much of a buzz that hundreds of people began rushing into Jonesborough’s newest shop to find their favorite childhood memories.
So many people in fact, the top floor of the small store buckled underneath them.
That’s when Jeff and Candy Gurley (yes, that’s her real name) knew they had come into something sweet.
Since then, The Lollipop Shop has moved a few doors down in Historic Downtown Jonesborough and the couple has opened even more stores across the South.
This year, the store celebrated its 4,000 day of operation in its original Jonesborough location with other Lollipop Shops in Sevierville; Raleigh, N.C.; Beaufort, S.C.; and Bristol Motor Speedway during the Christmas season.
“The great thing about being a small business owner is the freedom and flexibility to operate, manage and contribute to the community you live in,” Jeff said. “Towns and cities don’t build exit ramps and contribute $25 million for a small business to open in their town. The small business owner assumes all risks and they put the reward aspect in the future.”
Upon entering The Lollipop Shop, you’re instantly greeted by a Willy Wonka-like cornucopia of sweet, sugary smells from candies past and present as well as striking contrasts of vibrant colors ranging from bright reds and yellows to pastel greens and pinks.
The Lollipop Shop is an interactive candy store featuring more than 400 kinds of candy for children of all ages.
Resembling the Norman Rockwell setting Jonesborough is known for, the shop also has the look and feel of an old candy store on Main Street, whisking adults back to their childhood and taking children into a sweetened land of choices.
Children will enjoy the Candy Buddy section where they can choose an animal and stuff it with candy. They also receive a box for their new buddy and ‘to-go stuffing’ so they can stuff their animal once they have eaten the candy.
There’s guaranteed to be a sweet treat for all ages. Even grandparents enjoy their favorite childhood memories through the penny candy section.
Other popular items include whimsical wind-up toys, 21 colors of M&M’s, 72 flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, and more than 70 kinds of bulk candy including Mary Janes, Bit-o-Honey and Chick-O-Stick.
“Our most popular items are the most unusual, like the candy crickets, bug lollipops or pretty much anything gross or sour,” Jeff said.
A true mom and pop store, The Lollipop Shop is a family effort with grandparents helping during busy times and the Gurley’s son and newest owner, 4-year-old Jack, serving as the official greeter.
“Our goal is simple,” Jeff said. “We want local people and tourists visiting Tennessee’s oldest town to escape reality for a few minutes and have a sweet day while visiting Jonesborough.”
The Lollipop Shop is located at 123 E. Main St. For more information about the store, visit, call 913-2663 or email [email protected]